Analysis Of Ender 's Game Plays A Major Part Of The Novel 's Plot

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Buggers in Ender’s Game plays a major part of the novel’s plot. The characters, setting and plot revolve around the ploy to develop children to become soldiers to kill the buggers when they attack. The paranoia is what makes the story revolve around a child named Ender Wiggin, who was allowed to survive because he was the perfect combination of his siblings, Peter and Valentine. Ender’s balanced personality is what will make him the perfect commander to kill off the buggers. What if the buggers never enter earth and killed off three thousand people? What would Earth be like? If Ender’s Game did not include Ender, humanity would still develop in the military, but would think humans would be the superior species, and the Battle School would no longer exist. If the bugger did not exist, then Ender would not exist, because he was only allowed to survive because he was predicted to kill off buggers. Ender’s character was only made to destroy aliens that would threaten Earth. If the Buggers are not attacking, there would be no point in Ender Wiggin being in the story. The Wiggins would only have two children, Peter and Valentine, and their whole family situation would change. Mr. and Mrs. Wiggin were always paranoid of Ender and his character knew that. Without Ender existing, they would be less paranoid because they would only have to deal with the renouncing of their religions. In the novel, Card expresses how Ender being a Third can bring harm to the family. The character…

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