Analysis Of Emma 's ' The Kitchen Of Her Girl ' Essay examples

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Deciding Emma stood in the kitchen of her penthouse, gulping down the last of her morning coffee. She stared out of her massive windows, and admired the New York City sky line. This was all the she had ever wanted, her American dream. But she knew that she could never afford it with out her husbands help. Hell, what teacher could afford this life style? Emma placed her coffee cup in the sink, and walked down the hall to her daughter’s room. “Zoey, it’s time to get up,” said Emma as she yanked the covers off her daughter. “I know, I had an alarm set,” said Zoey. “Mom, you really don’t need to wake me up anymore. I’ve got it covered.” Emma sat in the living room grading papers, while Zoey got ready. She tried to focus but her mind kept drifting to Cheryl, her husbands first love, who managed to stay apart of his life through out the years. When was the first time she had caught the two in bed? Five years ago, she thought. She had confronted him at time, but he mealy tired to comfort her, stroking her hair, and professing his unwavering love for her despite the fact. She never fully trusted him again, but turned a blind eye to the affairs. I don’t have time to sit around thinking about Cheryl, she thought. “Hey Mom,” said Zoey. “Are you ready?” “Sure,” she said, “lets go.”
Emma and Zoey got into the elevator, and Zoey pressed the button for the first floor. “Mom,” said Zoey, “what’s up with you and Dad?”
“Nothing,” said Emma. “Why do you ask?”
“Seriously? I’m…

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