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At one point his teacher asked if he wanted to go out and play and he responded, “No go out”, in a flat, heavy tone. Once he did decide to go outside he said “Dibs go out” (Axline, p. 25). He did, however, begin to talk more, especially while with Dr. Axline. When he did begin talking with Dr. Axline it seemed that his level of language skill improved, drastically. He began speaking in full, logical sentences.

Dibs’ also has impaired social responses. In Dr. Axline’s book she describes that when she first met him he stayed to himself and did not join in activities with the other children (p. 23).

Dibs exhibits unusual play as well. “Dibs moved to the wall, near a small table on which were some stones, shells, pieces of coal, and other minerals. Dibs stood beside the table. Slowly, he picked up first one object and then another. He ran his fingers around them, touched his cheek with them, smelled them, tasted them” (Axline, p. 24). This is not typical for a non-autistic child; Dibs however is not a “typical” young boy. During another situation all of Dibs classmates went out to play. They played in the sandbox, on jungle gyms, rode bicycles, played ball and catch. Dibs on the other hand, “walked off to a remote corner, picked up a little stick, squatted down and scratched it back and forth in the dirt. Making little grooves in the dirt. Not looking at anyone. Hunched over this lonely
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