Analysis Of Christopher. Priestley 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay examples

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179. Christopher is going to run away from home, but he is really confused on where at first. He originally thought Mrs. Shears, but she didn 't answer. That idea also makes no sense because Christopher 's dad would not be that far away. He eventually deduces that his best option is to find his mother in London. I just don 't understand how his logic with people can be so skewed. There is no reason to believe that Mr. Boone would try to kill Christopher. I also don 't understand his decision of going to Mrs. Alexander. Of course when he tells her that he is going to run away that she is going to call his father. She can 't keep a secret like that. After going back home to grab his stuff he goes to school to ask Siobhan where the train station. As he was walking the further Christopher gets from home the less frightened he feels of Father but the more frightened he feels of being alone. It 's like a constant fear, but somehow he is going to have to get over it. That was until he saw his dad 's van at the school. This forced him to take some different measures and he eventually got lost, but he is clever in the way that if you go in a spiral clockwise he would eventually find the train station, which he did.

181. Christopher explains that he must memorize every physical detail of his environment. That is so in the places he has already visited he can simply note the changes that have occurred since his last time there. His mind works like a camera reel that picks up on…

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