Essay on Analysis Of Carmike Cinemas Inc.

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⦁ INTRODUCTION A. Description of the Business
Carmike Cinemas Inc. is one of the largest movie theater chains in the United States. Carmike started in 1982, when Carl Patrick, Sr. and his son bought a movie theater division of Fuqua Industries. By 1983, Carmike had 85-screen Video Independent Theater chains. Ten years later, in 1993, Carmike was still continuing to grow and expand their theaters and locations, and by the middle of 1993 Carmike had established movie theaters in 23 states in the South, Southwest, and the Midwest. They had 388 theaters and 1,560 screens in 1993. Carmike theaters are located mainly in smaller cities, where they are usually the only place to watch movies. Staying in smaller cities has helped Carmike be able to thrive, grow, and earn more money by not having big competition. There are 270 Carmike Cinema theaters, in those 270 theaters there are 2,881 screens and growing in 41 states around the United States. There are 22 Carmike’s in North Carolina, and one of those is in Greenville, NC. The Carmike located in Greenville is Carmike 12 Cinemas. The theater is located near Basil’s, Baskin Robbins, Hibachi Japan, Dunkin Donuts, a Walmart Neighborhood Market, Wasabi 88, and Havoline Xpress Lube and AutoSpa Greenville. Having these businesses located near Carmike add more business to the theater by attracting people to these places. Carmike is on East Fire Tower Rd, this is a very busy road and it provides lots of customers to Carmike.

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