Analysis Of B. Jones 's A Twenty Eight Book Series Written By Barbara Park

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Junie B. Jones is a twenty eight book series written by Barbara Park for ages five through nine. The series had been under close scrutiny due to the main character Junie B.’s lack of maturity and self discipline, also, her language and mispronunciation of words. There are some that even believe that Junie B. actually has some form of learning disability. But what if all of her disciplinary issues, her shouting in class, her immaturity, and even some of her speech impediments stem from not her own learning incompetencies, but her teachers’. In a classroom a teacher has the ability to either build a student’s confidence and sense of industry or their skepticism and inferiority. The main way in which they can do this is through their teaching style and type of classroom management. Five different forms of teaching styles include; authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, indulgent, and PEP. Each of these teaching styles have their own positive qualities as well as negative qualities. In many the negatives outweigh the positives and in other cases these styles overlap in the classroom. In the Junie B. series there are very clear instances of four of the five styles of teaching that can and do parallel with many elementary teacher’s teaching styles in the nation. This means that not only are elementary students reading examples of these sorts of teaching styles and how the characters in the books are being affected by them, but are being affected by them directly in their own…

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