Analysis Of Antonio Lopez 's The Media Ecosystem Essay

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In Antonio López’s The Media Ecosystem, he outlines three potential outcomes for media ecosystems that we will face in the near future. The first is termed “Pangloss,” which represents a status quo, in which the current media ecosystem and systems of power do not shift much from their current positions. The next is a worst case scenario, “Pandora,” where a lack of citizen engagement leads to a media ecosystem of censorship, control, as well as a rise of privatization, and capitalistic values. Lastly, is the “Jeffersonian” outcome in which democratic values are nurtured, energizing a fight against colonial, capitalistic values, and preventing a centralization of power. However, this process requires “vigilance, activism, organizing, policy, and practice that discourages the lockdown of communication tools and promote open systems” (The Media Ecosystem, pg. 154). López goes on to list the many ways to promote a Jeffersonian scenario, using participatory media to fight against a darker Pandora or Pangloss outcome. López suggests media literacy as one way to support a Jeffersonian scenario, and I believe it is one of the most important activities and principles on his list. Our current society values media, in particular video, as the principal way to spread a message, market a product, or simply share information. One example of this is the prevalence of Facebook news feed videos which have become one of the foremost ways that young people learn about news and current events.…

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