Analysis Of Amy Ellis Nutt's Book 'Becoming Nicole'

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Clayton Gallion
English 1110/CRN 10280
Dr. Whetstone
Essay 3 12/4/17 In Amy Ellis Nutt's book, "Becoming Nicole", she tells the story of Nicole Maine and her story of becoming a transgender girl while breaking down gender stereotypes along the way. I don’t think that a child should make a decision to change their gender before puberty. However, Wyatt said he hated his gender, and that he wanted to be a girl at a very young age. Wayne and Kelly Maine adopted identical twin boys in 1997; their names were Wyatt and Jonas. It was almost a dream come true for both Wayne and Kelly. Kelly, who'd had multiple miscarriages, always wanted two children. Wayne was filled with the excitement and fun that he'd get to have with his two boys, playing catch
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Let them act however they want in a socially respectful way. Changing their name and assuming a new identity is such a huge decision for someone who has never experienced what having a gender is, since they’ve not really gotten to that point in their development yet. They’re too young to examine their selves. It’s a giant life altering decision that is hard to take back. The right to choose for anyone means the need to protect them from immature decisions, allowing them to make their decisions when they have enough experience to do so. A 10 year old cannot make any rational decisions; they are not rational by nature. They are not something to use to get attention for …show more content…
I think that if the child has reached a certain age and still truly wishes to change his/her gender. Then that’s their decision to make. However, I believe that a young child who doesn’t know what’s best for him yet wishes to change gender. Then the parent’s should not allow that. This doesn’t mean the parents should torture their child with this dominance their whole lives though. The child will eventually reach an age where rational decisions can be made, and that is where I think it’s the parent’s job to support them with whatever decision they

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