Essay Analysis Of ' Allah Made Me Funny '

729 Words Nov 13th, 2016 3 Pages
Allah Made Me Funny is a comedy troupe that focused on breaking down stereotypes, without having to break down others in the process. Instead of focusing on other cultures, the comedians focus on themselves: namely, their struggles and the distorted perceptions that they must contend with as Muslim in post-9/11 America. Rather seeming to complain, they show that the perceptions that they have to deal with are themselves unreasonable and, frankly, absurd. This means allows Americans both to come together and to see for themselves how unfair Islamophobia is for the victims and America at large through humor. Mohammed Ahmer deals with the difficulties that he and his family has to deal as a first-generation family in America. First of all, by introducing how his mother dealt with him coming out as a comedian, Ahmer has his family seem more ordinary. Rather than having that they are Muslim be the focal point of his family, Ahmer shows how his family is also subject to the perception that success is correlative with income. Similarly, when his brother has to be a pilot, Ahmer explicates how 9/11 has added a new dimension of difficulty for Muslim immigrants. Instead of having the FBI coming home be an innocuous formality, that Ahmer’s brother is a pilot takes on a new meaning. Instead of his brother Omar’s becoming a pilot being an unmitigated accomplishment, it also becomes taboo subject due to the circumstances of 9/11. That, despite Omar only coming from vaguely nearby…

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