The Chronicle Series Of The Thinkprogress Analysis

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The chronicle series of the ThinkProgress is an establishment that discusses the experiences of immigrant families in crossing the United States and Mexican border. The article “What It’s Really Like to Cross the U.S.-Mexico Border.” by Jack Jenkins, published in Feb 10, 2015. The immigrant families are challenged in different perspectives. They are characterized by an attempt to cross the border away from political strife. Some of the families only want to better themselves in the United States (Mukhija & Monkkonen, 2006). Relatively, the ThinkProgress developed illustration in the problems that the immigrant families undergo. In this situation, the immigrant families are subjected to a violation of human rights. The people are sometimes killed and eventually they do not receive a dignified burial. This is because they are a stuffed in cemeteries in the county of Brooks. In this context, the chronicle seeks to develop a better foundation for the treatment of the immigrant families crossing the United States border from Mexico.

The immigrants attempting to cross the border are subjected to the harsh climatic environment. In the desert, during the summer months, the temperatures rise above considerable degrees. The immigrants nonetheless
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The immigrant families first have to preconceive the idea that America is a dream country. Secondly, they have to strategize on how to move from their country into America (Mukhija & Monkkonen, 2006). They have to carry their possessions but only essential ones. In the journey, the immigrant families adapt to the changes of the environment to enable them to cross safely. They tie underneath their shoes to impede any attempt of the desert official tracing them in the desert. Later, the chronicle described how the tough experiences in the desert terminate the lives of the immigrants attempting to cross the

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