Analysis: My Dad Don T Smoke Anymore

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My Dad does not Smoke Anymore.

Since I was little, I always listened my mommy fighting with my daddy, I did not know why she was so mad about him, for me he was a good daddy, he played with me, he taught me to ride my bike, everything a good father does. I was just a little girl, I never understood the reason of that many problems in my house. I heard my mom in many occasions crying, telling my dad, “te vas a morir, quieres ser igual que tu papa que no podia vivir sin el tabaco”. He was always coughing, that horrible smell that he always had in his clothes, his fingers turning black, ashes everywhere. By that time, I did not know that that little thing that he put in his mouth was the cause of all our nightmares.

My mom always tells me the sad story of the worst day of her life. When she was pregnant, one day my father told her that he was feeling like if someone had driven a stake through
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I felt motivated to share my story and the permanent marks that tobacco left in my family. Every time I hear someone commenting about this topic my heart shrinks in pain. Today, I pray to God everyday because I do not want to see my father suffer the late symptoms of cigarettes; because his hands are still stained, his teeth are yellow, and his lungs still remember that dangerous habit.

Let’s put our hands in the air and raise our voices against this epidemic. No one, no matter who, should have the irresponsible attitude of making their families suffer for all their life, concern about them. It is better to avoid this habit than living with it. My dream is to become a dentist and I know every time and fix teeth like my dad’s I will remember the old times, because those scars live in my heart. That is one of the reasons that inspired me to write these lines. Everyone can quit smoking; my father does not smoke

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