Summary Of Mr. Rogers Involvement At Tech

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Involvement at Tech
Mr. Rogers joined the Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) Fraternity. He was only a part of it for a year and a half. One of the advantages of being a football player in that era was that you were well received at all fraternities. When he decided to join he became friends with the other members, but he had so many friends outside being an athlete. SAE’s sweetheart was from Emory because there were very few women at Tech at that time. Mr. Rogers ate at the Athlete’s table with Helen Twiggs as his dietitian. Mr. Rogers always treated Ms. Twiggs well. He thought the food was great. Mr. Rogers would go fishing in a part of the Chattahoochee where you were not allowed to use corn to catch Trout and bring his catch to Mrs. Twiggs and she
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Rogers could have all his meals at the Athlete’s table except for Sunday nights. They’d give you $5 at Sunday brunch so that you could eat for the night. If the football players were really hungry they would go to Catfish Kitchen which had all you can eat Catfish and Fried Chicken. The football players usually went places that weren’t too far away or the Piccadilly Cafeteria. They waited to go to Harry’s Steakhouse until after the games. Atlanta was a great city. They went to The Fox Theater most of the time. If you were a Varsity Football player during that time you would have your picture hanging in the Fox. They also earned free passes to the Fox. They went to The Rialto as well which was also owned by a Georgia Tech …show more content…
Rogers feels that he was blessed with everyone who ever coached him in various sports. He also stayed in touch with most of his coaches so that when he came back he already had connections. Mr. Rogers and his wife got married in Atlanta and most of his family came up to see the ceremony. Mr. Rogers never walked for his graduation which may explain why finding his picture was such a struggle. He moved back to Jacksonville to work with Ash Verlander who was the president of America Heritage Life Insurance Company, and they started work immediately. Mr. Rogers decided not to go to the campus placement office because he felt that he had missed too many years when he was away. Everyone had known when he attended had since left. His wife began teaching right away. Mr. Rogers was treated very well there, and he would have had a very nice future, but football and coaching was in his blood. One of his ex-high school assistant coaches was working at Ribault High School and offered Mr. Rogers the job and he started working there. He worked during the day as a PE teacher at Ribault Junior High and coached football at Ribault High School. The transition from football to junior high was not hard around for him because he had been blessed with great coaches like Coach Dodd and his father, and he was comfortable around people mainly athletes. When he walks into a room of athletes it seems as if that is where he is supposed to do. He was the assistant coach at Ribault from 1969 to 1971,

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