Freedom Writers Film Analysis

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There has been movies that relate directly to the gang violence that is happening now. One movie in particular has captured the attention of many movie lovers. This movie is called Freedom Writers and it starts out by replaying different scenes of gang violence and police violence against groups of people. The movie is written by Richard LaGravenese and it was produced in 2007 (“Freedom Writers”). It is about a teacher named Erin Gruwell, who was played by Hillary Swank, who gets her first job at a school called Woodrow Wilson High School. In the previous years, the school flourished in academics but because of an integration program that was implemented, the academic reputation of the school was extremely low. Mrs. Gruwell was in charge of the freshmen and sophomores english classes in the school. During her first year, Mrs. Gruwell had difficulties with the students because they were from all …show more content…
This can relate to today’s time because it goes with the saying “you are who your friends are.” The people that surround themselves with positive friends become positive, and the same things happen with negative people. Mrs. Gruwell was the positive person for the high school kids. They were able to open up to her and trust her. For many students, she was the reason why they had the motivation to get good grades and go to college. Because of the positive influence she had on their life, they were able to make positive choices. The students were then able to invest in each other despite the differences in their races. This is a common theme today because people need positive relationships to grow in life and make healthy choices. Taking the time to invest in a person’s life is useful because it benefits both people. This is what Mrs. Gruwell did and she ended up helping some kids to be the first one’s in their family to graduate high school and go to

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