Freedom Writers Techniques

Freedom Writers’ is an American film, directed by Richard Granvense and based on a true story about a dedicated and idealistic teacher, Erin Gruwell. Ms Gruwell inspires and teaches her class of belligerent and aggressive students, that there is another life outside of gang violence and death. The students are divided into groups based on racial backgrounds, whom all believe that they have no future. Thus, hatred was part of their everyday life at the beginning of the movie. However, this was changed through the unconventional teaching methods of Ms Gruwell as she eventually shows them to appreciate and have a desire for a proper education. However, one of the most important concepts of this film is about change. These changes were mostly seen in Eva Benitez and Marcus. At the end of the movie, they become free from violence and learn to acknowledge others and aim for success in life.

Eva is one of the major characters that transforms the most throughout her journey because she has had a tough life as her father is a respected gang leader. As a result, she becomes a third-generation gang member. At the beginning of the film, Eva is a tough and an aggressive woman, who is keen to lie rather than telling the truth to stop someone from her gang going
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For example, when Ms Gruwell introduces the book called “Diary of Anne Frank” to the whole class. Marcus reads this book and realises that ordinary people can perform extraordinary things, such as when Miep Gies faced death for hiding “Anne Frank”. She still did the right thing by helping the Frank family. As a result, he builds a relationship again with his mother despite it being difficult. Additionally, he develops a passion for learning and reading because of Erin Gruwell’s unconditional support for him. Therefore, Marcus changes immensely throughout the movie and ends up moving back into his home when his mum sees how he has

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