Analysis : Ethical Climate / Culture Essay

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Essay Analysis of Ethical Climate/Culture

My ethical principles, including advocacy, beneficence, autonomy and nonmaleficence, have guided me throughout my nursing career. By applying these principles, I have kept my personal integrity when I encountered ethical challenges at work. During my nursing career, there have been obstacles that prevented me from advocating for my patients. Some of the obstacles became difficult to overcome. I had to resign my previous administrative position because the organizational culture pushed my integrity to the limit when I attempted multiple times to advocate for my patients. According to the Code of Ethics for Nurses (2015), after repeated efforts to bring about change, nurses have a duty to resign from healthcare facilities, agencies, or institutions where there are sustained patterns of violation of patients’ rights, where nurses are required to compromise standards of practice or personal integrity.
Mr. Jordan’s Ethical Challenges
Some of us may have experienced the similar challenge as I did, resigning our jobs to keep our integrity. According to the student essay in Appendix A, the writer, Michael Jordan, mainly faced two ethical challenges in the operating room (OR) due to lack of administrative support, discouragement from the surgical department, and bribery from the pharmaceutical company. One of Mr. Jordan’s ethical challenges was when he pointed out that the surgical schedules made patients wait extra time in the operating…

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