Career Opportunities Of Women In The Military: Boys And Girls Together

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Boys and Girls Together The U.S. Armed Forces are respected by millions of people, they have been successfully involved in several world crises and wars, and they have offered teeming job opportunities and career options for Americans and even people from other countries. Women also have served positions in the military, however they were restricted to minimum career opportunities until recent years. Despite the obstacles women have to overcome they have proven to be well-minded and hard-working soldiers in all branches of the military, yet elite military groups such as Special Forces, Delta, and SEALS are still reserved for men only. Women should be given an equal opportunity to join these special groups if they are held to the same expectations …show more content…
military consists of four main branches Army, Navy, Airforce, and Marines. All branches are essential parts of our government, our country’s security, and both genders of each branch are also essential to the bigger picture. Women make up 18% of our total military and the ratio of men to women is 7.4:1. (Alyson). This statistic is a significant difference between genders, but also an ample difference in opportunities available to women in the military. Since the 1700s, women have been deemed less capable of handling front line positions, which are predominantly occupied by men, in today’s military. A person should be disqualified due to a lack of skills not because of their …show more content…
Physical capability is not the issue; it 's men 's acceptance of women that 's the issue and that 's a cultural problem, not a physical problem at all, and that 's going to be the last hang-up in terms of integration” (Olson). U.S. women are more than ready to take this next step and have equal opportunities across the board for front line positions. Sen. Kiresten Gillibrand told The Huffington Post, "I have no doubt there are qualified women who can serve in any role in our military, and when all of our best and brightest serve in combat our country is stronger for it” (O’Toole). The people voting against women in combat need to know that the standards for women will not be lowered due to the physical differences between men and women. Service members must meet the same physical and mental requirements in order to qualify for positions that are considered front-line. The decision on women in combat roles is expected to come in January 2016 when each of the services is required to either lift the restriction or ask for an exemption to extend it and a reason backed by scientific research showing why women can 't fulfill the tasks necessary to serve on the front lines.

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