Memory Verses From 'Day 3: A Redeeming King'

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Day 3 – A Redeeming King

Memory Verse:
1 John 3:16
Hereby perceive we the love of God because He laid down his life for us.

Definition of Redeeming:
The act of compensating for, or saving someone or something from faults or sins.
Reading Passage: Matthew 27:11-37
Hello Friends,
In the last two days, we learned that Jesus is our King who is humble and sinless as well. Today, we will learn how Jesus loved us like no one else did. He redeemed us with His love. Since we were all under the power of Satan, Jesus had to give his life to make us free. He came down to this world with this mission. Yes, it was the love of Jesus which made Him leave his heavenly palace and take birth as a baby like you, in a small home of a poor family in Jerusalem.
Even though Jesus was good to everyone, healed the sick, made the blind to see, Satan made few people turn against Jesus. They were the so-called religious leaders at that time. They were secretly planning to kill Him. Jesus, being God knew everything that was going to take place, but never made any attempt to save Himself. The biggest love is to sacrifice one’s life for someone. Jesus did more than that. How? He
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They stripped Him, put a scarlet on Him, and crowned Him with a crown of thorns. They gave a staff in his right hand and kneeled in front of him to mock Him. They beat him so bad that he was not recognizable because of the wounds. They took Jesus to Golgotha and crucified him with two criminals on each side. Being God, it was tough to endure the suffering and the shame of the cross. Jesus took all the embarrassment without any complaint. The sun went dark at noon, and God the Father punished Jesus for our sins. Just as we taste medicine to recover from a fever, Jesus tasted death on the cross. If Jesus did not die for us, we would never have the privilege to become the children of God. Through his death, he paid the debt and redeemed us from the bondage of sin and

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