Analysis : ' 69 Dodge Charger ' Essay

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Tapping her newly painted short black fingernails against the steering wheel of her '69 Dodge Charger, the brunette haired female proceeded to drive down the road, currently about 30 miles over the speed limit, but she was beyond the point of caring. She 'd drove for roughly 6 hours straight with one short break along the way for the bathroom, apart from that it was full steam ahead. Alessandra has previously been a few states away, finishing up a double poltergeist case in Ohio when there was finally a match on the Winchester brothers location, after tracking the credit card that was used at the last hotel the boys stayed in it was pretty easy to follow their journey. She was trailing them and not too far behind either as she drove into the state of California where the boys had just pulled into a small café a few minutes from her. They made it too easy to track them, or rather she was just good at it. Singing along with one of he hard rock tunes that blasted through her stereo she tapped the beat out against the steering wheel as she ended up running a red light, not focusing on where she was going. "Oops." She laughed shrugging to herself as she took a left after the traffic lights, making her way towards the café they were currently at. It had been roughly 10 years, if not slightly more since she 'd last seen the boys, back then she was only a 14 year old girl, aimlessly flirting with Dean when they would end up in the same room together, of course it was harmless fun,…

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