An Organization Employee Personality Types Essay example

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In an organization employee personality types will vary from individual to individual. Individual success within an organization can hinge on an employees ability to maximize their strengths and improve on the weaknesses associated with their personality traits. I used Prentice Hall’s Self-Assessment Online Library questionnaires and Type Talk At Work to aid in assessing my personality. I also incorporate my ISFJ personality type as assess by the Meyers-Briggs personality test. In utilizing these tools in combination with additional independent research I am able to apply my knowledge about organizational behavior and the results of my personality tests to evaluate my effectiveness in an organization. After evaluating my personality and its effectiveness in an organization I also explain how gaining this knowledge will be used to better myself. Finally, I discuss the all-important role of the Holy Spirit and how he has affected change in my life by transforming my weaknesses into strengths for his glory. Keywords: personality, self-assessment, weaknesses, ISFJ

Evaluating my Personality Type
Much can be understood about a person after evaluating their personality. Still, personality types only tell part of the story when considering how a person effects an organization. I will utilize information about myself as retrieved from the Pearson Prentice Hall Self-Assessment Library in conjunction with other research to analyze and discuss my ability to work with others, my…

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