Reflection In The Classroom

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Before I begin, I should admit that I actually tidied up my personal space before starting this project. However, despite the voice in my head telling me to arrange everything in a manner that was worthy to be on the pages of elle decor, I ended up tidying only my work desk because it would have felt too unnatural, and would not reflect the “habitus” that we have been talking about in our class discussions. However, upon reflection, I suppose this has alot to do with how I was brought up as well.
“Make sure your rooms are clean before people come. You don’t want them thinking you live in a pigs sty” my mother would say before we had any guests over. This dress practice log feels almost similar; except that in this case, there are no physical
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The first change is usually what I wear before I take a shower and change into pajamas. For that, I have a pair of denim shorts (that I only wear at home), paired with an old T-shirt that is incredibly worn, and out of shape. The second change is after I am done for the day, and it is finally time to head to bed. This is usually a set of pajamas, which is always consists of something with long sleeves, and long pants. Today, I chose a baby blue striped shirt dress. And wore it over a pair of compression stockings to aid with muscle recovery from my workout this …show more content…
However, it is still cold out. I am making a trip to the Brooklyn museum, and will be running some errands after. I like to take my time in museums, which is why I usually make trips to museums solo. The absence of rain means I will not be putting on rainboots. However, given the weather conditions and the fact that I will be on my feet for quite a bit at the museum, I want to wear a pair of shoes that are comfortable but will keep me warm at the same time. I settled on a pair of tall burgandy boots, and wore those with a black and white thin striped t-shirt, accompanied with the same pair of black distressed skinny jeans I had on yesterday. I finished the look off with a faux leather jacket, a white infinity scarf, and my go to ear

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