ENFJ Personality Types

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There are many types of personality that help shaped today’s world. Every personality type plays a different role of who we are today and discovering our personality type is a key advantage towards our success. In this paper I will exam my identified personality type ENFJ as it related to me as a Manager. I will break down the different aspects of the personality types, and explain the strengths and weaknesses it haves on me as a Manager in the workplace. Within the paper I will clearly explain how the different aspects work together with me a as a newly developed Manager as a contributing factor. Furthermore, from the overall investigation into my personality type I will discuss what I learned about me as a Manager, and what I actually learned about myself as person. Through this whole investigation it has been a rewarding experience to be able to relate to a personality type that you had no idea that was within you. Very good

ENFJ Personality TypesNeeds work on headings

ENFJ is a personality type that is known as the giver because they tend to focus on other people. ENFJ is usually referred to as Extroverted Feeling with Introverted
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When given a task the deadline is critical because it is important for judgers to be on time. As a Manager it is very important for me to be very organized in my day-to-day activities. Being a judger allows me to stay very organized in order to keep things in order. When things get out of order it does make me very frustrated and seems like my whole day is ruined. I lose focus of the actual task and being a new Manager it does impact my role in a big way. As a new Manager I have to learn that things are not going to go according to plan and you have to get yourself back on track in order not to lose focus. Overall, it is important to me as a Manager to have a well thought out plan and being able to stick to the plan. aVery good

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