An Open Alcoholic Anonymous Meeting Essays

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It was a blustery and gloomy morning as I trudged along the weathered pavement to the entrance of the church. My Sympathetic Nervous System was revved up as I anticipated what lie behind the faded and chipped paint door. Upon entering the room I was jovially greeted by a man with a melodious “Welcome!” There were about thirty people from all different lifestyles, huddled in the room around three long wooden tables. Men and women, some appeared jovial and others exhibited a flat effect. The environment was serene and friendly. Many people were socializing and sipping coffee. On the walls were many plaques with different sayings. “ Keep coming back” Let Go, let GOD.” This was an open Alcoholic Anonymous meeting , that meant anyone could attend it. The topic of the meeting was “never surrender.” Those were compelling words. I announced that I was a nursing student and asked if I could observed. The group explained at this meeting I may hear some stories from members who are struggling with alcohol. In addition, there were people with twenty-five plus years of sobriety. The group leader explained that Alcoholic Anonymous meetings are difficult for people to commit to because their motto was “to stay at arm’s length from alcohol and never, under circumstances pick up a drink. Alcoholic Anonymous meetings are safe havens for alcoholics to go when they are lost or to assist others who are lost. So what is alcoholism? Alcoholism or Alcohol use Disorder (which includes a level…

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