Effects Of Alcohol Dependency

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Alcohol Dependency
1 out of 10 deaths (20-60 of age) are due to excessive alcohol use. Approximately two billion individuals consume alcoholic beverages globally in less than a year. Alcohol consumption in excess has both immediate and long-term consequences in regards to health and social life. In current times, over seventy-six million individuals are affected by alcohol use disorders. Among these disorders is alcohol addiction. Heavy drinkers are also at risk for chronic illnesses such as liver disease and cancer. Drinking occasionally does not have many harmful side effects; drinking excessively puts your body, mind, and those around you at risk. One of the leading causes of death is Alcohol. Due to misinformation and misleading education;
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Alcohol consumption can cause death and hospitalization in a community
Excessive drinking leads to higher risk of alcohol-related assault, some may be victims of alcohol related domestic abuse. Alcohol consumption can lead to alcohol-related child abuse. Some people will experience the negative effects of a stranger’s drinking. A high percentage of people will be affected in some way by another person’s drinking
When examining alcohol’s Harm to other people one will observe the economic impact of alcohol on a community and find that:
• The cost of someone else’s drinking can aggregate to billions of dollars
• Out of pocket cost better known as tangible cost, are elevated because of loss of productivity and relinquished wages. In addition to child protection and hospital costs.
• Intangible costs are high. Meaning the costs allocated to lost quality of life due to someone else’s alcohol consumption National: N/A derived from the above
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• DALYs: 58.3 million annually worldwide, Mental disorders and diseases of the nervous system account for about 40% of DALYs lost because of alcohol. 4% of the total loss of DALYs from all causes come from alcohol.

Mortality (Global):
• Globally, harmful use of alcohol causes approximately 3.3 million deaths every year (5.9% of all deaths) – W.H.O.
• 5.1% of the global burden of diseases is attributable to alcohol consumption
• Number of deaths: 1.8 million deaths a year worldwide. 3.2% total deaths world wide
• Case Fatality rates - It is estimated that 26,000 deaths were averted in 2005 because of reductions in heart disease, stroke, and diabetes from the benefits attributed to moderate alcohol consumption. (NIAAA)
Person Trends:
The groups of people that are most affected by this health problem are young adolescents that are not properly educated and do not have the proper influence in their life. With this in mind, these young teenagers are most likely to die due to irrational thinking and ignorance. Men are statistically more rebellious than women; therefore, men are more often to abuse this

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