Essay on An Embarrassing Experience Of My Childhood

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An Embarrassing Experience in My Childhood
What if you have a girlfriend when you are in middle school? What if the fate of your education depends on you? On a school day, you meet your dream girl. What you discover means nothing will even be the same for you again. In fact, it won’t be the same for anyone, and I am no exception. Most of us, who have survived through the middle school years, have had an embarrassing moment when we wished the earth would open up and swallow us, and I am no exception. I just had an embarrassing moment in my life because I accomplished ridiculous things to a teenage girl left me with a feeling of failure, but I got over it with a dance which helped heal the deflated emotion.
In August 29, 2015, when I was 13 years old, she and I went to the same middle school. She was stunningly beautiful with her brown almond-shaped and very gentle eyes, and her glistening jet-black hair. She was attractive in all aspects. It’s been said that, “Love is at first sight,” and this popular expression described my true feeling toward her. When I was 13, it was my fear of getting acquaintance of her. So I screwed up myself my courage to get a good look at my dream girl.
Eventually, attraction overpowered my fear, and I made a fool of myself by entering her beginning French class. In my eagerness to express my pleasure at seeing her when I hoped that the school bell would ring earlier while I was sitting in my class, so that I could go to my French class in the…

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