Essay on An Effective Facilitator Of Adult Learning

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Action Plan Facilitator
Define your goals - What does it mean to you to be an effective facilitator of adult learning? Think in terms of short term and long term goals. An effective facilitator of learning cultivates a healthy, safe, and positive learning environment. My role as a facilitator is to pose the necessary question to allow my learners critically think. In order to be an effective facilitator of adult learning, I must be able to assess my learners, then develop a plan that will define the objectives and most effectively communicate information. In terms of short term goals, I hope to provide fundamental health education to my learners. This can range from defining basic terminology to identifying my learner’s role as the patient. In the long-term, my learners will be able to apply their knowledge of fundamental health to everyday life within the community and on a global scale.
Organize and prioritize your goals - Which ones are currently more important to you? Which can be accomplished sooner rather than later?
First, I will need to assess my learners’ cognitive stage of development. By doing so, I will have an idea of how to approach my students with either new or previously received information on health education. I believe it is more important to teach the fundamentals of health education to my learners, ensuring all my learners are on the same page. The foundation allows for more topics and concepts to be compounded in an upward fashion.…

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