An Educator That Will Make A Difference Essay

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I want to be an educator that will make a difference in the lives of children and their guardians. I want to incorporate my personal values into my teaching and help foster them among each individual in my classroom. I want to be a role model that they will look up to and want to learn more from. I know that I can attach my personal values in the way I teach. Students can always see a person through the way they speak, dress, and act. I value learning, friendship, independence, responsibility, and creativity. I will demonstrate all these values. I will provide an abundance of opportunities to my students to show their independence and creativity. I will teach them to respect people and to create lifelong friendships with them. I want them to treasure learning because it is something they can keep and carry with them everyday for the rest of their lives. No one can take away their learning experiences. I want my professional development to always improve so I see the career of education as a lifelong learning process. I want all children to reach their full potential and to always demonstrate it. I will have a structured well managed class because I believe students will learn the most if there is a controlled environment. I will adapt my classroom to fit the interests and needs of all my students. I want to teach to benefit all of them. If a student isn’t engaged in the lesson then the student will not learn.
I strongly agree with the theory of Albert Bandura. His theory…

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