An Dialogue On Positive Communication Techniques Essay

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During this dialogue, positive communication techniques were utilized. When the doctor specifies, “Willis will need 24 hour nursing support over the next few weeks to ensure his safety as he is unsteady with his transfers from his wheelchair and requires medication and wound care” he is using the therapeutic technique of focusing. The doctor had the ability to concentrate on a specific issue, which was Willis requiring nursing support for his safety, medication, and wound care. Focusing is beneficial as it gives the speaker the ability to guide the dialogue in a particular direction (Kerr et al., 2014). Additionally, by the liaison setting forward the belief that “we should plan to have Willis’s family provide some of the care as they expressed to me that they would like to help and that they don’t want strangers in the house 24 hours a day” she is utilizing the skill of client advocacy. An advocate is defined as “one that supports or promotes the interests of another” which the liaison is doing through expressing the wishes of the client’s families as they are not present. Willis’s aboriginal background makes the liaison particularly effective because they have a deeper understanding the client values, beliefs and preferences due to the connection with the heritage. By the liaison advocating for Willis it is recognized that they are effectively improving the health of both clients and families by promoting care and support. Furthermore, Arnold & Boggs (2016) recognize, “we…

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