An Avid Athletic Player My Self Essay

1138 Words May 28th, 2016 null Page
Throughout today 's society, the forever longed obsession in sports is quite spectacular. Sports has forever longed a part of everyone 's heart during some point in their life. It is clear to state, Sports are an essential part in today 's society, professional and college sports bring revenue to the community, passion through their fans, and dedication through their team. Despite slight problems such as concussions and gambling; sports are much more than a game it is a way of life. Upon this essay I will be stating my endorsement and what I believe is about American sports culture and the necessitates it brings to society.

Sports are a way to life, and it 's quite easy to agree with that statement. From being involved in sport or from watching on the sidelines, individuals would agree that they have been at least one of those participants. The values brought from being a fan,a player or even a coach can be countless to importance named upon it. As an avid athletic player my self, I can agree with the values sports bring to our American Culture. First off, when I 'm involved in sports are typically made up from teams, so it 's guaranteed that I 'd be working with multiple individuals each day during a practice. Not only, does this improve the team in general but it also enhanced my teamwork skills and most importantly the opportunity to bond with one another. From a fan setting, this can also relate for example a only individual may not have anything to…

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