An Article On The Environment Of The Field Of Environmental Conservation

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Larson, Kate. 2 March 2016. “ReSource Conservative”
The speaker, Kate Larson spoke on behalf of ReSource Conservative. Larson talked about how Colorado’s population is projected to double by the year 2050 and about Colorado’s standing as a “headwater state”. She talked of how the growing population and usage of natural resources such as water is problematic for her field of environmental conservation in Colorado. She then talked about Resource and its helpful environmental programs such as “Slow the Flow Sprinkler Inspection” and “Garden in a Box”.
Handley, Andrew. 27 January 2013. “10 Ways Recycling Hurts the Environment”
This piece features a list that begins with environmental impacts of recycling that are negative, ranging to the latter features that claim the inefficiencies of recycling. The article points that current method of recycling that are implemented are not effective enough to meet the large demand for other plastics or the many consumer goods that require the plastic. He ends stating boldly that “Recycling’s main impact is to convince us that it’s okay to be wasteful in other areas”, explaining his point that recycling gives false promises.
Hutchinson, Alex. 12 November 2008. “Is Recycling Worth It? PM Investigates its Economic and Environmental Impact”
This piece opens asking the question, “is recycling worth it?” as he writes about the modern era of recycling and its inefficiencies. He then makes an environmental argument that it is not efficient…

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