Global Warming Debate

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It is time for the debate on climate change to end. The scientific community has come to a consensus that global warming is real, but the debate lingers on. Facts about sea level rise, melting polar ice caps, global warming, and climate change are discussed on a regular basis; however, much of the population is still unconcerned about what is happening. There is general confusion and misunderstanding about the subject, even to the point that people may not understand that climate change and global warming mean the same thing and are often used interchangeably. There is an ongoing discussion on whether or not humans are responsible for global warming. Politics, special interest groups, and personal opinions blur the lines of what science has …show more content…
Gallup found that there were some common factors separating these groups. One of the largest contrasts discovered was that one hundred percent of concerned believers feel that climate change is man made, while one hundred percent of cool skeptics believe that the events of global warming are natural changes in the planet. Furthermore concerned believers are more likely to feel that the news on global warming is either correct or underestimated. Cool skeptics on the other hand think that the news on climate change is greatly exaggerated. Age is another issue between the groups. Concerned believers are likely to be younger than fifty and align with the Democratic party, while cool skeptics are likely to be over fifty and …show more content…
By making these changes as a society and as individuals we can help in the fight against global warming. Recycling limits the need to create more goods, which ultimately reduces the resources required from our planet. This helps to prevent trees from being cut down and limits the harmful materials released into landfills. If you begin your own garden and eat local foods you are also helping. These simple steps are good for you and the planet by reducing the carbon emissions required to transport food. Limiting the amount of times you eat out will not only save you money but will save the environment, too. The energy required to support a restaurant and all of the emissions to reach the location are far less than preparing your meal at home.
Our life span may allow us a hundred years on this Earth if we are lucky; because of this, time can be a difficult concept for human beings to fathom. When we talk about climate change we are often talking time periods of a hundred years or longer. With our narrow scope of time this can be difficult to comprehend, but that doesn’t mean that ignorance or apathy is an acceptable response. While each individual has to make up their mind on whether or not climate change is man made, at the end of the day does it matter? This is not something that we can afford to be wrong

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