An Analysis of as the Dead Prey Upon Us by Charles Olson Essay

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As the Dead Prey Upon Us Analysis
Charles Olson was an innovative essayist and poet in the 1950s-1960s. He created the idea of “Projective verse” and wrote and essay on it, asserting that a poem is a transfer of energy from the writer to reader. Projective verse allows the energy of the poem to be properly discharged. He also explained that form is an extension of the content of the poem, which is why are all breathed conditioned by his ear. He thought the best verses were supposed to sync your ear and your breath. Olson also believed closed form and structured stanzas wasn’t conducive to expressing details and making truly original poetry. This idea of projective verse gives us an understanding when studying the form of “As the Dead Prey
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To be human, the speaker notes, is to be limited to the “five hindrances,” the

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