An Analysis of Moral in Who Moved My Cheese Essay

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Who Moved My Cheese?
By Spencer Johnson, M.D.
A Review and Essay
By David Cox,
Instructional Technology Facilitator
Tioga Junior High School and Tioga High School

At a time when Rapides Parish schools are once again facing huge financial deficits with resultant changes at almost every level, teachers must deal with mostly unwanted changes. Being a twenty-six year classroom veteran, I have had to change as well in many ways. In my internal search for ways to deal with change, I have recently read a book which has given me some new ways to think about change. I hope that this review might lead you to this book and help you to see how changes, even when first seen as negative and hurtful, are not necessarily a bad thing.

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Hem stays at the now empty cheese station, sulking, complaining, thinking negatively and making even himself more miserable while Haw overcomes his fears and sets out to find new cheese.

Filled with metaphor as direct as John Bunyan’s book Pilgrim’s Progress, this book then shows Haw rethinking, adjusting, and moving on with his life. He sets out to find his “New Cheese,” overcoming his fears and his sense of having been cheated. Along his journey, Haw writes messages of his inner discoveries on the Maze wall, hoping Hem will follow and read the “writing on the wall” and be comforted by Haw’s inner revelations. His revelations are never dramatic but always true and appropriate for his situation—and ours by extension.

The outcome of the book for Haw is doubtful due to Haw’s many fears and doubts about himself on his journey. But by the end, the reader sees Haw succeed in ways that surprise both Haw and the reader. But what about Hem? Does he too succeed? That is where the story-within-a-story ends. And this is where this plot analysis ends.

Who Moved My Cheese? begins with an introduction, sets up the story-within-a-story, tells the story of the Mice and LittleMen, and then ends with an analysis of parts of the story by the fictional high school reunion friends who tell parts of their life stories to one another since their graduation. Now, as in Chaucer’s day, this is effective although some critics and some readers want to fend for themselves

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