An Analysis Of Junot Diaz's This Is How You Lose Her

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Diaz’s This Is How You Lose Her is filled with intricate and complicated tale of love, lust and longings. The part that may be the most intriguing is about the characters being realize by Junot Diaz’s from the viewpoint of an immigrant, charming the readers with their side of the story living in the same community as us. A tale that tells us about their life including their struggles and yearning for their home country when life is harsh towards them, as well as the story about their love and lost. A compilation of stories about Yunior, the protagonist of the story who tells us about the struggles that he had gone through all his life and also the romance and deceptions that he had with the girls and women that ever exist in his life. Notably, …show more content…
Depicted in many parts of the story, from the Yunior’s own family and also the viewpoint of Yasmin, a female Dominican immigrant who came to the States in search for a better life. Unfortunately, their journey as an immigrant are not as tranquil as they had hoped for. In the story of “Invierno”, Yunior recalls moving from Santo Domingo as a child to live with his father, who has been working in New Jersey for 5 years. It is in the middle of a cold winter and which somehow resonates with Yunior’s “Papi”. Yunior and Rafa were not allowed to leave the house as their father thinks that they are not “decent” enough to go out socializing with people (128). Rafa’s also changed to be more obedient after moving to the States that to Yunior it is as if “the passage to U.S. had burned out the sharpest part of him” (140). They also caught their mother crying once, because she was lonely. Portraying the struggles of the immigrants who has no friends to talk to and no family members to share their problems. Makes us wonder, if they; the immigrants, had ever regret coming to the States. How are they adapting to the new culture and community? Having to learn a new language and unable to interact with anyone. Completely capturing the heart of the readers to be immersed in their emotional struggles with

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