Essay on An Analysis Of Carol Delany 's Book, Investigating Culture

817 Words Nov 21st, 2014 4 Pages
You are what you eat and through our diet regimes, we take on new identities that we create for ourselves. In this essay I will demonstrate how our eating routines construct our identity through three concepts prevalent in Carol Delany’s book, Investigating Culture which include: we are what we eat, what makes a meal and of meat and men. These three concepts are ideal perception of how people construct their self.
By choosing to consume certain products we begin the build a self-identity. Within the twenty-first century, the media portrays the idea of eating healthy to the public. It often displays perfect figured men and women advertising certain foods or dietary trends claiming that if you eat them, you too can resemble the perfect figure which relates to the concept of you are what you eat. Myself, being a fitness enthusiast, I have adopted a few of these dietary inclination due to the fact that they all show success. When have you ever seen an obese person advertise a product of the general public? The answer is rarely because of the physiological power and influence which is associated with them. If you wanted to advertise a certain supplement, you have a fitness model hold and validate it, claiming that these are the effects of the product. The media becomes the driving force behind the whole eating healthy movement and the food industry dictates what is fashionable to consume. Several ancient grains such as, buck wheat, chia and quinoa have become more prominent in…

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