An Analysis Of Bruce Wayne 's Life As Batman Essay

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Symbolism is another significant portion in Bruce Wayne’s life as Batman. Freud would say that not only were Bruce’s dreams forms of symbolism, but also, more significantly and recognizably, Batman’s Batsuit and name. As previously stated, Bruce came up with the batsuit when seeing a swarm of bats. He then decided on the name because he felt that villains would also fear bat, as they are a symbol of the night.

Another form of analysis that Freud could make about Batman and his life is by using his idea of the doctrine of opposites. Batman’s biggest nemesis is the Joker, and the two could never be anymore different, but one without the other could not exist. In one movie, the Joker even comes out and says “he’s just too fun” and Batman cannot kill the Joker because he is to honorable.

Lastly, Bruce Wayne can also be analyzed with Freud’s defense mechanisms. Freud would say that out of the most common defense mechanisms, Bruce mostly uses displacement. Freud would come to this conclusion because Bruce often displaces his feelings about his parent’s murderer. Early on in Bruce’s life, before we find out who killed his parents, Bruce takes out his anger and frustrations on other villains and felons that are openly available.

In addition to Freud, Erik Erikson’s theories of human development can also be used to describe Bruce’s personality and behavior. One of the best ways to analyze Batman through Erikson’s theories is his psychosocial stages of personality development and…

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