Essay on An Analysis Of Browning 's ' Browning '

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Browning. Session 1. Journal
Growing up as a small child, I lived in a single parent home. We were presented with a lot of great challenges doing those times, with my mother trying to raise three boys and keep a job was very tough, several times we had to spend time over relatives so we could eat. My older brother had to be the one to look after us. He would often suffer from migraine headaches and food was scarce often for us, we would put any and everything we could find in the fridge on a slice of bread even if it was just syrup.
With my mother having very little education she could only work certain jobs and that really affected our livelihood. There wasn’t any job security for her so we had to move a lot, it was hard for us to make friends because it was a good chance that we would be withdrawn from school the next month. When the time came for me to start attending middle school, my mother wanted me to go stay with my father so that I could began building a relationship, but I really believe she wanted to get some of the burdens lifted off of her. Living with my father at this juncture of my life wasn’t so great for me, he had already started a new family with his wife and three children. I was enrolled yet again into another school, trying to remember what was taught to me from previous teachers was very difficult transferring all the time. I would always move back and forth from my mother’s home and my dad house, I never could get comfortable living with my parents’…

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