An Advertisement Of The Playboy By Calvin Klein Essay

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¬¬¬Playboy is a magazine published to entice the male genera with photos and ads that are designed to catch the attention of their male hormones. An ad for a cologne called Reveal by Calvin Klein shows a well-dressed man with a nude female celebrity in his arm behind a shiny silver cologne bottle (Reveal Calvin Klein 11). BonAppetit magazine is designed for both males and females with targets of varying ages with ads ranging from fashion to food products. There is an ad in particular that is female perfume called Euphoria by Calvin Klein showing a female half covered in a purple cloth holding a flower (Euphoria Calvin Klein 17 ).
The scene depicted in the Calvin Klein ad shows a well-groomed man with brushed back medium length brown hair. He is dressed in a button down black shirt that is partly open at the top showing a little bit of his upper chest. His outfit is complete with a tailored black dress coat that is clean and smooth. The gentleman has a rough unshaven face displaying the rugged look of a man that some women would find attractive. This display of appearance would signify that dressing in good clothes and being handsome would attract females to you. He is also displaying a neutral look on his face and is staring out at the reader. Around the man’s right arm is a nude woman showing her back side. The female in the photo is a famous model named Cindy Crawford. She is shown naked on her backside with smooth skin down to the top of her butt. She has long brown hair…

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