Essay about An Advertisement From The Allstate Insurance Company

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I chose to do an advertisement from the Allstate Insurance Company. This humorous ad presents equal parts of pathos, ethos, and logos from Aristotle’s Theory of Persuasion. It contains a curious blend of emotion, ranging from excitement to fear, all while keeping the viewer entertained. The company is one of the nation’s leading insurers, in addition to donating over $34 million to local communities. With its specific advertising style, the ad makes a good point: when the viewer is faced with making the decision of choosing an insurance company, the logical choice is Allstate.
This advertisement appeals greatly to the pathos element. Although it is short, it conveys many emotions in only one minute. The beginning segment of the ad is cute, funny, and lighthearted. It depicts a happy family outing at a Christmas tree farm. The setting triggers the nostalgia of the audience to fondly remember picking out trees with their own families. The young daughter’s eyes light up as she rounds the corner of a row of trees. She exclaims to her family that she has found the most beautiful Christmas tree. When the camera pans over, the audience sees not a tree, but “Mayhem” – an actor who portrays Allstate’s signature character in this series of commercials. As the commercial proceeds, Mayhem gets wrapped up in Christmas tree netting, tied to the top of the family’s car, and driven down the road towards the family’s home. While the family rides along, singing merry Christmas carols, the…

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