Essay on An Advanced Way For Solve Organ Shortage

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An Advanced Way to Solve Organ Shortage
Every year in America, the number of people who need organ transplantations grows, so does the donation waiting list. As the organ shortage is becoming severe, the government is urgently trying to figure out a final solution. Among all current proposals, legalized organ sales have been attracting a lot of attentions. Proponents, like Joanna MacKay, have shown how legalized organ sales would significantly relieve the shortage and benefit both sellers and buyers. However, skeptics like S. M. Rothman and D. J. Rothman, point out several moral and social concerns for the proposal. While legalized organ sales remain open to debate, there are several other solutions which might dispel skeptics’ concerns. In particular, sharing the strengths of organ sales’ ideas and being more considerate about the implicit issues, a proposal for a government-regulated system to compensate organ donors could be an advanced solution to solve the organ shortage.
As S. M. Rothman and D. J. Rothman write in their article, human body parts are not something people should put a price on, and therefore selling organs would instead cause new problems. Since there is no way to judge whether the price has been fixed reasonably for something priceless, when MacKay discusses organ sales in terms of price, she has already stepped into a gray area and could not avoid several unpredictable results. For example, even for the same type of organ, it is impossible for the…

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