Amylase Activity on Starch Essay

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The Effect and Rate of the Enzyme Amylase on Starch
Assessing reaction speed of the enzyme amylase can be measured by the amount of glucose and maltose produced during given time intervals. I hypothesized that, if the reaction time is longer, then the amount of amylase will be larger. Enzymes are specific in their match of substrates they will breakdown – similar to a key and its lock. Since amylase is the only enzyme that breaks down starch, the procedure was effective and gave clear results of sugar produced. With help from the stain reagent benzoic acid – I visibly saw the production of sugar molecules. However, I was only able to determine which of the Tubes experimented had the most or least sugar present, by color
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Following was adjusting the spectrophotometer to a wavelength of 540 nm, and setting the meter to 0% transmittance. Prior to placing the cuvettes in the chamber, I had to be sure to wipe off any fingerprints or residue that may impede the proper function. With the spectrophotometer set on absorbance mode, I inserted each of the 7 cuvette tubes in the closed chamber.
Part C: After recording each tubes absorbance made by the present stained sugar molecules,

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