Americanization Of The American Culture Essay

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Americanization in Europe Living in America we have become accustomed to living life the “American Way. ”Everything around us is presented with the idea that it is American made, and a privilege to have. American culture is not only present here, but has made its presence known in most countries, and nations around the world, including those in Europe. The presence of American culture in Europe has caused problems amongst some Europeans making them feel like they have fallen victim to Americanization. Although some Europeans feel a sense of indifference about the thought of American culture taking over, Americanization has helped our Country continue to progress and grow in connection with Europe. Americanization is best described as the process of Americanizing or following things of the American culture. The idea of Americanization is said to be around since the early 1900s. When introduced, Americanization started as a movement to simply integrate immigrants who had just arrived to the U.S., and to help them become accustomed to the American way of life (Americanization). The Americanization movement was primarily a program of education through schools, businesses, and voluntary groups such as the YMCA (Americanization). The ideas of Americanization or often switched with those of Globalization. According to an article in the book International Views, like Americanization, radicals argue that not only is globalization very real, but that its consequences can be felt…

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