American Well Swot Analysis Essay

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American Well: The Exchange-SWOT American Well is leading the way in innovations in the telehealth market. Recent changes in health care law supports the establishment of virtual health consults in an effort to reduce health care cost and barriers od distance while also improving access to high quality health services to patients. Telehealth technology utilizes telecommunication technology, videoconferencing, virtual medical health services, and education services to deliver high health services to patients. American Well has mastered and harnessed advancements of technology to maximize patient care while also improving access to care at a reduced cost. American Well introduced the Exchange in 2016 to continue taking advantage of the telehealth market. The Exchange is a virtual health delivery system that connect all health care stakeholders to include insurers, providers, consumers, and health organizations. SWOT analysis is designed to explore the internal strengths and weaknesses, while also evaluating external opportunities, and threats of the organization. The results of SWOT analysis will provide American Well with a good indication of strength and weakness to assist with the development of strategic plans for the introduction of future products and services. This paper will also explore the …show more content…
The demand for this type of telehealth technology meets the demand of not only the patient, but also health organizations, employers, insurers, policymakers, and providers. The Exchange facilitates patient-provider communication, improve access to health services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and improve patient satisfaction. In addition, American Well has a well-established network of high quality health organizations and providers. Of the strengths listed above the most powerful strength of them all is American Well’s ability to meet and exceed the demand of telehealth

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