American Values : The United States As A Pluralistic Society Essay

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American Values
Despite the United States being a pluralistic society, there are set of core values present throughout the country. Core values, or values that are common among a group, are however, found to have the ability to cluster with not only other like values, but contradictory examples as well. In addition to these collaborative abilities, values also have the ability to evolve over time and are dependent on the circumstances of society. Hard work has been a long-standing American core value, which still remains relevant today. Efficiency, while significant in the past, has taken additional steps to the forefront of importance recently. These two value examples have played a key role in my socialization while growing up as well as a significant contributor in my adulthood.
Hard Work
Being a hard worker was the most important value that my parents conveyed as they were raising me. They not only led by example out of necessity, but also took great pride in their efforts. Neither of my parents graduated from high school, and as a result, they were unable to obtain employment that was anything but hard physical work. My father, being the son of a baker and the eleventh child of twelve, exuded a hard work ethic without question. I was never encouraged to achieve academic success, but was rewarded for any display of hands on hard work. He interpreted the value of hard work in the most literal sense of the words. There was a distant hope, of course, that I…

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