American United For Life Analysis

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American United for life was an organization formed to restricting abortion to save unborn baby. The organization was started during the time when some of the states, including the New York were trying to legalized abortion. However, the effort to legitimized abortion was fail. The organization was well formed and planned. It was started in August 1, 1971 in Washington D.C, when George Williams and the others members of the pro-life organization took extremely bold step to ensure the protection of a born baby. The organization was established by the legislation, education and the civic law suit. According to Henry Hyde, the representative of the American United for Life, and the most active member depicts the organization as a contemplative, and the ability to influence others to voluntarily make decision that improve the prospects for the organization. …show more content…
The movement works very hard by raising the funds to make sure that the law to save unborn children was legalized. The organization was defending human life around the world, including the women’s and the unborn babies. Basically, the pro-life lawyers help to fight for the children and women’s life. In addition, The American United for life attorney plays an important role in federal civil rights to enable the organization to protect, the disable new born babies. According to history, American United for Life procedure, has made progress toward the shutting down of the abortion industry. Most of the abortion clinics have closed in many states. Only the fewer doctors and hospitals are willing to provide abortions. According to the pro-life, abortion group, The National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) stated that 87% of U.S. counties have no abortion provider

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