Essay about American Red Cross - 1

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As part of a worldwide movement the American Red Cross offers care and hope to victims of war, poverty and natural disasters, and, as such it is with great anticipation that I will undertake the task of researching from various sources, and presenting its history, philosophy, mission, vision and value statement. Among this, I will briefly describe the culture of the organization, noting whether the organization’s espoused values align with its enacted values. I will also address the extent to which organizational culture is determined by communication or lack thereof and the role communication plays in perception and organizational culture. I will also explain how misalignment between espoused values and enacted values affect
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Lack of proper communication can adversely affect the way the employees and employers interact with each other and is vital in decision making processes.
The American Red Cross’ willingness and track record of working with counterparts as mentioned before speaks to its ability to effectively communicate, influence and determine its values both outside and within itself. This brings into focus the level of communication with which the organization functions or operate considering the fact that being a voluntary organization which depends entirely on donations to fund its mission, it would undoubtedly be required to convincingly communicate its values to prospective volunteers and contributors if it is to remain successful, and judging by the kind of success that they have had doing what they do, and evidenced by the steady if not increased number of people who seek and receive assistance, growth in membership and annual revenue, it appears that they are able to communicate their values impeccably.
Role of Communication in

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