American Racing League Case Study

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Question 1 Indy Racing League IRL, an open wheel racing automobile racing series formed due to the split between Indy Car and CART, a sanctioning body of open wheel auto racing. The split was due to many conflicts between both the bodies out of which the main conflict is widely believed to be the Indian Polis 500, the most popular racing event owned by Tony George of Indy Racing League. CART allotted some points to drivers taking part in the Indian Polis 500 despite the event being the most prominent one among CART schedule. This triggered the conflict and led to forced market segmentation after which the IRL formed to govern events independently on its own. CART later launched its own event US 500 that could not make any impression with the viewer and had to close. The split turned out to be unsuccessful as it caused degradation in racing quality and overall loss in number of viewers. CART drivers did not participate in the event of Indy Racing League and the new league had to design new cars on its own, which was though less expensive was not suitable for the open wheel racing. The schedule of IRL expanded later with many CART drivers joining the league, but the split did not achieve its desired result as degradation …show more content…
The other open wheel racing Popular in the United States with some patriotic spirit is the Indy Car Race where the drivers are mostly American. NASCAR organizes stock car racing which across the world is the most popular stock car racing and the additional American sentiment with mostly the American drivers make it the best overall in American racing industry. NASCAR surged ahead of Indy Car, an open wheel racing as mentioned earlier mainly because of the split caused in 1996 due to conflict between Indian Polis 500 and CART and is currently the most creative racing

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