Nascar Goes Green Analysis

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In his article “NASCAR Goes Green?”, Natale Servino questions NASCAR’s ability to benefit the environment and local economies. NASCAR and the International Speedway Corporation are mainly popular in America’s southern states; however, the companies are looking to expand in America and other countries. Though fans of the sport exist, people concerned with the environment are against the expansion of NASCAR. In response to environmentalists, the International Speedway Corporation and NASCAR state what Servino calls “one great sales pitch: Not only is a NASCAR track in your area good for the local community, it’s good for the environment.” This pitch was the first step in allowing NASCAR to expand in a city near Seattle, but the next obstacle …show more content…
According to Webster's Dictionary for Students, "patronize" is defined as "to act as a supporter of" (308). Servino regards the steps taken by NASCAR and the International Speedway Corporation to broaden their companies reach by referring to some of their statements as "one great sales pitch", and "the ISC's most ingenious sales pitch of all". The unnecessary commentary reads sarcastically, especially when considering all of the facts Servino provides to contradict the statements he is referring to. Nonetheless, the article is effective in drawing attention to the two companies' misconceptions. Servino's goal is to discredit NASCAR's facts by using facts of his …show more content…
At the same time, he does not fail at presenting both sides fairly despite his opinion, and he allows readers to think beyond the article so that they may come to their own conclusion. If a reader were to further investigate the conflicts Servino writes about, she would find that the facts Servino uses to contradict NASCAR are true. Although the article has a patronizing tone, it is hard to argue with the facts Servino presents. Servino provides valid information to discredit NASCAR's main arguments and is therefore successful in stating why environmentalists are against NASCAR's expansion.

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