Essay on American Involvement During The War Of End All Wars

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American involvement in the “War to End all Wars” was a long awaited arrival for the Triple Entente, yet anticipated by the Germans. Due to political turmoil between Washington and Berlin and military actions by Germany involving the reinstated the use of unrestricted submarine warfare, America declared war on Germany on April 4, 1917. However, the U.S. Army and Navy had never participated in a war that was outside of their own borders and their soldiers lacked the training that would help them be successful in the trenches of France, Belgium, and Germany. This created the massive need for training to be instituted among the ranks, as well as creating a unique atmosphere for American officers to experiment with tactics that utilized the new technology present during the war, and military aviation was no exception. Young American officers did their part in developing the tactics used by military aviators and advancing the Allied war effort in the air, yet pilots like that of Captain Eddie Rickenbacker and First Lieutenant Frank Luke did more than just their part. Both aviators were extraordinary in the cockpit and contributed to the war effort, however First Lieutenant Frank Luke had more of an immediate and direct impact during World War I (WWI) through his aerial kills of primarily reconnaissance aircraft. Both Luke and Rickenbacker were aviator’s unmatched by anyone else in the American air service. Both served well in the air, with Rickenbacker scoring “twenty-six…

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