Star Wars Film Analysis

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my personal favorite story is the story of Star Wars, but not just the movie, the story of how a ragtag team of film makers made an amazing classic still alive today. The story of star wars begins in the California home of George Lucas where he began to capture the romance and adventure that he saw in old movies that he watched as a young boy as well as the heroics of the great Flash Gordon TV series. so george began to write the script for a screenplay that would one day be known as "Star Wars"

Before George along with a crew of over 100 men and women could begin this interstellar epic they would need people to play the roles of the characters. The young hero, Luke Skywalker was played by Mark Hamil, a newbie to show business. the mentor and guide of the hero is the old and wise member of a long forgotten order of knights know as the Jedi, his name is Obi-Wan Kenobi played by Sir Alec Guiness. Luke and Obi-Wan need the assistance of the captain of an space freighter, his name, Han Solo played in the film by the now legendary Harrison Ford. The excentric captain has
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upon there arrival they meet with the rebels and give them the plans to the Death Star and assemble a fleet to destroy it. Luke decides to join the fleet and him and R2 fly into battle but not before saying goodbye to Han Solo who is leaving after getting paid. The fleet fly into battle and are quickly confronted by the Imperial fighters and the fleet is quickly depleting. Luke and 2 other ships manage to get close to the weak spot of the space station and all are destroyed by Darth Vader, until Han solo's ship swoops in and saves him. After somehow hearing Ben tell him to use the force, Luke decides not to use the targeting computers and trusts in the force instead. Luke approaches the weak spot and hits it dead on and the rest of the fleet retreat and then the Death implodes and the imperial fleet is

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