Essay on American Indians And The United States

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As the United States population grew and whites continued to take land from the American Indians, these Indians had to either adapt to these whites’ way of life or be cut off from all their traditional ways of living and be left to fend for themselves. In the nineteenth century, many commentators believed that these American Indians would not be able to modernize and adapt. While this belief proved to be false, there are many sources that could possibly argue in favor of these commentators’ arguments. As more immigrants entered the United States from Europe there came an increased support for education in an attempt to establish cultural values that were shared by the majority of citizens. Americanization policies stated that once American Indians learned these policies, they would be able to integrate their own tribal traditions as long as they remain peaceful with the rest of society. However, after the Indian Wars of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, the government prohibited the practice of all traditional religious ceremonies, leaving the American Indians to again be forced to adapt to the American way of life. Half of the sources argue that American Indians will not be able to adapt to the American way of life, while the other half argues that American Indians are continuing to modernize; the latter of these true is correct because Americanization and other laws forced these American Indians to integrate themselves with the majority of the American…

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